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“Perhaps it was history that ordained that it be here, at the Cape of Good Hope that we should lay the foundation stone of our new nation. For it was here at this Cape, over three centuries ago, that there began the fateful convergence of the peoples of Africa, Europe and Asia on these shores.”
Former President Nelson Mandela, during his inauguration speech on May 9, 1994.

“This is a city whose people tasted non-racialism long before the rest of South Africa. As early as the 19th century, black and coloured people had the vote in the Cape.”
Former Cape Town Mayor Helen Zille.

“During the many years of incarceration on Robben Island, we often looked across Table Mountain at its magnificent silhouette … To us on Robben Island, Table Mountain was a beacon of hope. It represented the mainland to which we knew we would one day return.”
Former President Nelson Mandela

“This cape is the most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.”
From the journal of Sir Francis Drake, on seeing the Cape for the first time, 1580

“Done with a nice 3 hour ride. I’ve heard many times before that Cape Town is stunning. That was no lie. What a place.”
Cycling legend Lance Armstrong, writing on social network Twitter, after his first cycle in Cape Town on March 9, 2010

“This is a pretty and singular town; it lies at the foot of an enormous wall (the Table Mountain), which reaches into the clouds, and makes a most imposing barrier. Cape Town is a great inn, on the great highway to the east.”
Charles Darwin in a letter to his sister, Catherine, 1836







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